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We are a community resource that exists to provide Ōtautahi residents with access to handy tools for home use.

We are a “tool library”, which works similar to a regular library hiring out books. Instead, we lend out all sorts of useful tools for home – such as garden tools for maintaining the backyard or woodworking tools for building that dream table.

Why a tool library?

Tools are often bulky, and the really good ones are often, well, really expensive. Especially if you’re only going to use them a handful of time.

So we thought, it just makes sense to borrow.

We aim to not only provide the convenience of hiring a tool you might otherwise have to buy, but also having a great (and very practical) reason for local residents to get together, learn new skills and build community.

Sharing resources is a sustainable practice, eliminating the need to purchase a tool we may only need a handful of times, while also decluttering our homes and sheds.


How does it work?

If you’re a resident of Christchurch, you can join the Tool Lendery for free by signing up online.

Members can browse our online catalogue, reserve items, and for a small fee borrow tools for a week at a time by popping into our convenient inner-city location to collect them.

For more info about the borrowing process, or to sign up, click below.

Powered by Placemaking at One Central

This project is part of the Placemaking At One Central programme, a partnership between Fletcher Living and Gap Filler to help create great central city residential communities. 

The Tool Lendery is especially useful for those who have all the convenience of living in the inner-city, but no space for a garage or workshop.

It offers a valuable resource to those moving into the city centre as higher-density neighbourhoods, such as Fletcher Living’s One Central, development are completed.

Come visit

We are located at 95 Stanmore Road, Linwood, Christchurch.

The Tool Lendery is currently closed.


95 Stanmore Road, Christchurch.

Open Hours

Currently closed.