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As a member of the Tool Lendery, you’ll have access to all sorts of handy, well-maintained tools which you can borrow for a small fee. During open hours, we’re always on hand to help pass on our knowledge so you can get the job done, safely.

Members must be residents of Christchurch, and over the age of 18.

Create an account quick and easy via MyTurn, our online tool library software.

This includes reading and accepting our “Borrower’s Agreement” and “Liability Waiver”.

Once you’re all done, you’ll recieve a confirmation email.

Sign into MyTurn to view available tools, and reserve any if you wish.

It’s a good idea to enter your payment details too (debit/credit card), so you can save time later on.

Before you first borrow any tools, we ask that you please bring two forms of ID with you to the Tool Lendery.

These are a government-issued photo ID (e.g. drivers license); and a proof of address (e.g. power bill).

Come visit us at the Tool Lendery (178 Cashel Street) to check out any item/s with the help of our friendly staff.

Items are $5 each/per week, and we are cashless service, so if you haven’t already entered your payment details online, you can do it here.

You’ll have a week to borrow and use your tool/s around home – on projects or chores.

Please use the tool as if your own, and operate them safely. When you check it out, we’ll help make sure you are confident to use them.

Please return your tool/s in the same state you recieved it, on or before its due date.

Returning them on time, ensures we can continue to share our tools around with all our members.

How much does it cost?

It is completely free to become a member of the Tool Lendery!

Once you are part of the club, you’ll be able to hire all sorts of tools for a flat rate of $5 per tool – which will allow you to take the tool/s home for an entire week.

Late fees: Returning tools on time let’s everyone have a share in them. For this reason, tools that aren’t returned back to the Tool Lendery on time will be charged a late fee of $1 per day (per item).

We’re all about respect

At the Tool Lendery, we kindly ask that our members always exercise respect for our tools, space and staff.

Before borrowing any tools, our members must read and accept our Borrower’s Agreement before signing up to the Tool Lendery, Christchurch Central.

For a full description of our Borrower’s Agreement, click below.

Keeping you safe

Tools can be risky business sometimes, so we want to make sure when someone borrows a tool, they know how to use it. And if you don’t know? We’ll help show you!

Before you borrow each tool, we’ll give you a safety briefing and offer you some friendly, safe advice.

We also have safety equipment available (most free of charge) to keep yourself free of harm. This includes earplugs, dust masks, hi-vis vests, safety glasses and gloves.

 We also ask that members sign a Liability Waiver – which is your promise to us that you’ll use our tools in a safe manner.

For a full description of our Liability Waiver, click below.


Q. When are you open? Can I drop a tool that I hired off at any time?

A. No, they are required to be dropped off in person during our opening hours of Thursday 4-6pm, and Saturday 10am-12pm.

Q. How much does it cost to hire a tool?

A. We have a simple flat fee of $5 per tool, which allows you to take the tool home for an entire week.

Q. Is there a limit to how many tools I can borrow?

A. Yes, we allow you to borrow up to five items at any one time.

Q. Can I get someone else to collect or drop off my tool/s?

A. No, we require the member who borrowed the tool to collect it and drop it back off to us.

Q. How do I pay to hire a tool?

We are a cashless service, and use online payments only. When you sign up to the Tool Lendery, you’ll use an online system called “MyTurn” which you can add your debit/credit card details to.

Q. Can I reserve tools?

A. Yes! You can reserve any tool/s, by browsing our online tool catalogue and clicking “Reserve” button on the desired tool/s.

A few extra notes:

  • To reserve a tool, you’ll need to be signed in as a member, and have entered your payment details. You won’t be charged any money until you collect them in person.
  • Make sure to reserve tool/s on our opening days of Wednesday and Saturday
  • If requested tool/s are not collected by the end of opening hours on the requested hire, then the order will be cancelled.
  • You can change your reservation online via our online tool catalogue if you no longer require the item/s or want to change the dates.

Come visit

We are located at 95 Stanmore Road, Linwood, Christchurch.

The Tool Lendery is currently closed.


178 Cashel Street, Christchurch.

Open Hours

Wednesdays, 4-6pm
Saturdays, 1-3pm